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So a long time ago, someone wrote and performed this amazing song that was about loving all the different AUs, coffee shop and high school and all the other ones we love and how we read them again and again in every new fandom and I really really really want to find it again. Anyone have a link or download?

While I am at it, anyone have a copy or working link for "One night fandoms"?
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I am not especially good at recaps and others have done a better job at pictures and narrating the experience, but I'll give it a go for your reading and viewing pleasure (also some things are paraphrased since I didn't make notes at the time):

I took the teeny teeny tiny Alpha with me:


met some brilliant people and...


We had some great guests!

Anna at Wolf's Bane favorite fan moments )



Anna at Wolf's Bane favorite moments with the cast(Picture Heavy) )
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To indulge my Teen Wolf obsession, I am going to Wolf's Bane from tomorrow and was wondering if any of you will be there? I am going by myself and it is a bit daunting.

The last time I went to a Con was Pegasus 2 Con (about 8 years ago?) and I had a great time and met some awesome people!

I will be wearing a red hoodie with a Triskelle on the back most of the time and answer to Anna (or Luna).

If someone is going and would like me to draw them some fanart and bring it there, let me know! I love to meet new people and I like to give people at Cons fanart (it makes for a great ice-breaker!).

Also, they just announced the parties in the evening are themed! "Hunters and the Hunted" and "Myths, Legends and Fairytales"! Anyone have some quick costume ideas from things I can find around the house? So far I think my option is modern Red Riding Hood.
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Thanks to [personal profile] tarlanx, I rediscovered my fandom stocking today. (She tagged me when she posted it to the AO3 and I saw the notification).

I had totally forgotten about it and now there it is, full of fanish goodness just for me!

(Slight Trigger Warning for medical information bellow, but nothing too graphic)

I was rather sick in December-February, because my gallbladder decided to grow stones (I MADE STONES) and because I was a PhD Candidate in my last year, I kept getting misdiagnosed as having too much stress.

For those who don't know, I was living in Japan at the time and while I speak Japanese, medical Japanese was quite difficult for me, adding an extra layer of stress (I have never been as nervous as when I was trying to understand what operation they were actually going to perform on me in a foreign language).

Anyway, long story short, I was finally diagnosed, admitted to the hospital, hooked to an IV and did not eat anything for 3 days, then they gave me pass to get out of the hospital for 3 hours (with IV) to do my PhD defense (which I passed, the professors were rather intimidated by the IV, though), and came back to the hospital in the evening to have the operation to remove my gallbladder. ALL IN ONE DAY! YAY!

Now I am Dr. Luna, but I would not recommend having defense+surgery in one day.

Anyway, following [personal profile] cesperanza's example, I am trying to come back to LJ/DW, because Tumblr just doesn't carry the same sense of community, as she said, it feels like "fannish TV".

I am off to look at my stocking now! Thank you so much for all who sent something and sorry for the late reply.
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(and harder to avoid people who damage your fanish experience)

I posted this to my Tumblr, and I though it should go here as well.

I have been in fandom for about 17 years now and I have been lucky enough to never have had other fans put me off my fandom and pairing enjoyment. Hell, until recently I had not even heard of people leaving fandom because other members of the same fandom were unpleasant. In my experience people left a fandom for another fandom or for RL, never because the fandom turned unpleasant.

Was I incredibly lucky that my corner of fandom was predominantly nice and sweet and got along?

I was originally in Livejournal and then on Dreamwidth.

And recently on Tumblr.

Since I joined Tumblr, I have seen several people be put off by fandom (the fandoms I am/was part of on Tumblr are Inception, Marvel Movies and Teen Wolf).

And I think this is not only an issue of the fandom, but an issue of the way Tumblr works as opposed to blog sites like Livejournal and Dreamwidth. Let me enumerate:

1. People reblog articles on Tumblr. On blog sites, people share links. )

2. Tumblr notifies you when someone reblogs you. Blog sites notify you when someone comments to your post directly. )

Always keep in mind fandom should always be fun!
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The cards are off! I put them all in the mail today, except one (there was a coffee accident, it will be re-drawn and sent asap).

In the end I made one for each fandom and multiple copies of each. They are each hand drawn and colored using watercolors and crayons.


I'm just going to put these here in case someone else wants to see them.

They are free to use if you like for friends and family.

Tardis Harry
John and Rodney Panic
Sherlock Stiles and Derek

Read more... )

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Christmas Cards are coming along nicely.

I think I am about 50% done (hopefully all will be finished by this weekend).

Also, I signed up for [community profile] fandom_stocking. My stocking is here, in case someone wanted to leave something? :)
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I completely dropped the ball last year on Christmas cards.

If you signed up to get one from me last year (here or here), I will send you one this year. Please let me know if you updated your address.

Anyone else want a card?

Pick at least 2 of the following fandoms (I will pick one to draw) and comment with your address (comments are screened):

SGA (Team or McShep)
Harry Potter (Team or pairing)
Doctor Who 11 (Team)
Bandom (Panic or MCR Gen)
Teen Wolf (Team or pairing)

Leave a prompt if you want, but I might make up my own depending on time :P

Also, please tell me if there is a character/pairing that you really don't want.

I don't know if I will have time/energy to make unique cards for each, it depends on how many of you want cards.

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RL has been very busy lately, I just passed my thesis pre-defense! This means I don't need to change/add anything to my research to get my PhD in March. YES.

So, I managed to finish some prompts! Yay!

Science Bros Peter's Robot

Tony and Bruce Science Bros )

Tony and Steve as bb!Peter's dads )

I hope you liked it!

(Crossposted to my tumblr: here and here)

Medium: Markers on Paper.
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Prompt time! I have two new fandoms and I figure it is time for prompts.

The first fandom is Teen Wolf, because honestly, that show gives me happiness. It is ridiculous and often makes no sense, but I really love how it has reasonably consistent characterization, the characters who are smart usually figure things out at the same time or before the viewer does, everyone is ridiculously pretty, the women are not damsels in distress and has a sarcastic humor (usually coming from Stiles) that I can appreciate. I really hope this season they will become a real pack in the same way SGA was a team and THEN I CAN BE HAPPY! OMG! In the beginning I started watching because my tumblr was filled with gifs and I wanted to see what a remake of my darling Michael J. Fox's movie was like, and I have to say I wasn't disappointed. GIVE THIS SHOW A CHANCE, I AM PRETTY SURE YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

The second is Avengers! I think a lot of you have been pulled into this fandom/have been in this fandom forever and are sneering at all these kids playing in your lawn. My favorite is Tony and his issues (cranky genius with issues... HAVE YOU MET ME?) but I am also fascinated by everyone else. My OTP is basically Avenger/Avenger (give or take a Loki). Mostly I know movie canon and am moderately familiar with the comics, even though I was always more of an X-men girl than an Avengers one.

Prompting rules under this cut )
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I was going to post a new fanart meme, and then I went and checked how I had tagged the last one and realized I had never finished it!

So, I said to myself, self, you do not want to be the kind of person who leaves kind internet people without their requested fanart, so I went ahead and finished it.

Sorry it took 2.5 years, I hope you like it?


Merlin and arthur cooking John and Rodney and a cat Merlin and arthur cuddling
John and Rodney breakfast in bed Ryan and Spencer washing John and Ronon clean
Brendon and Spencer Mona Lisa Sam and Rodney sleep Teyla and Family


Merlin and arthur cooking )

John and Rodney and a cat )

Merlin and arthur cuddling )

John and Rodney breakfast in bed )

Ryan and Spencer washing )

John and Ronon clean )

Girl!Brendon and Spencer filming Mona Lisa )

Sam and Rodney sleep )

Teyla and (part of) her family )

Medium: markers, pencils and water colors on paper.

Unfortunately, for some drawings I was trying out a new pen and I didn't realize the ink wasn't 100% waterproof, so some of it is a little smudged (especially Sam and Rodney and Teyla).

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[ profile] devildoll gave me some awesome ideas for fanart the other day and I picked this one to start with.

Natasha hunts

Natasha hunts - Gen, Natasha and Steve friendship )

Notes under the cut )
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So I have a tumblr? Maybe you'd like to follow me there?

Mostly I reblog Avengers right now, peppered with Teen Wolf, SGA and Doctor Who.

Links to my art are posted in tumblr, LJ and DW.

I have been stealthily following some of you guys when I found you there. :)
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Now for something completely different, I just enjoyed some amazing tofu and I thought I might share this easy recipe with you guys.

-A bowl of tofu cut in rectangles (about 2cmx2cmx1cm). I like rectangles because it means I can cut it inside the box it comes in (I don't know how tofu is sold anywhere else, so use your own discretion)
-1 table spoon of dijon mustard (I like the one with the seeds, but the one without should be fine too)
-1 table spoon of curry powder
-about 1/5 cup of soy sauce
-peper (as much as you like, I only put a little bit)

Mix everything except the tofu.
Put the tofu in a frying pan and pour the liquid on top. Wash out any remaining curry or mustard with a bit of water and pour too.
Let it marinate while you take a shower (shower is optional, about 10-15 minutes should be ok)
Cook on the low fire until almost all the liquid is gone, turn carefully with a spatula every now and then so the tofu is evenly covered in the sauce. Personally, I like to cook it until the tofu is a bit crispy, but you can stop while there is still liquid for a softer taste.

Let it cool down for a bit and enjoy!

An alternative to mustard is to use another kind of spice. My friend used to put 'death spice' in hers (actually we don't even know what the 'death spice' was, it was just this spicy yellow powder that another friend's sister brought back form Yemen and someone drew a scull and cross-bones on the lid).

What is your favorite way to eat tofu? As a person who loves meat but shouldn't eat it because of allergies, I am always looking for new ways to enjoy tofu.
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This is my contribution to the [ profile] avengers_bang challenge this year!

Title: Eliminating the Possible
Author: [ profile] elenothar
Artist: [personal profile] anna_luna
Rating PG, safe for work (for the art)
Fic: Movie-verse crossover (with Sherlock Holmes 2009 set in the modern time)
Art: Drawing, markers on paper
Characters/Pairings: Tony Stark/Sherlock Holmes, very mild Steve Rogers/Thor Odinson
Warnings: none
Summary: Loki is up to no good. That in itself is nothing new in the day of an Avenger of course, but even Tony has to admit that being magicked to London by a rampaging God with a hidden agenda is slightly out of the ordinary. Meeting an annoyingly intelligent detective, who happens to look an awful lot like him, and having to navigate the increasingly treacherous waters of his feelings for said detective, while (mostly) trying - and failing - not to get into any more trouble with old and new enemies alike, he supposes, is just par for the course then.
Artist's Notes: I'd like to thank [ profile] elenothar for writing such a fun story to draw to. I really liked the challenge of drawing Sherlock who I had never drawn before. I hope I managed to capture him. And I couldn't resist making a tiny Steve and Thor doodle.

Link to fic masterpost: on LJ here or on AO3 here

Tony and Sherlock

Eliminating the Possible )
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Whenever I read a story and there is a female!Tony Stark (Tasha Stark?), I imagine her as Claudia Black... Possibly because I imagine most kick ass females as Claudia Black. I loved Aeryn Sun during my teenage years, and then she was the incredible Vala Mal Doran!

Also, it is not Miss Stark, IT IS DR. STARK.

Lets have a mini!Claudia Black as Tony! Picspam!

She does sexy so well...

Claudia Black

A few more pictures... )
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I have been working really hard in order to become Dr. Anna Luna and hopefully I will achieve it by next year. Unfortunately this means I have been slacking in replies and art, but let me tell you about the things that have made my day recently:

[ profile] looking4tarzan sent me the most amazing notebook for my study. I LOVE IT WITH ALL MY HEART, IT IS AMAZING and every time I look at it I smile and remember when I went to England so many years ago and went to Pegasus 2 Con and met [ profile] looking4tarzan and so many other amazing people. I am using it now to keep track of my experiments.

I used one of the robots in my laboratory as a model:


1 more picture - KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON )

[ profile] achih sent me delicious chocolates, a soap and a cream. IT IS REALLY GOOD! I LOVE IT AND MY SKIN IS AWESOME NOW.

I also received several virtual gifts! A birthday present from [ profile] runpunkrun. And [ profile] runpunkrun, [ profile] fififolle and [ profile] looking4tarzan also sent me snowman cookies! My profile page is so pretty now! THANK YOU!

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Dear Friends,

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season. You are all amazing and everyday I marvel at your creativity and kindness. I hope for many more years of fanishness and fun here with you!

Have some Thor and Loki:

Christmas 2011

Thor and Loki - Christmas, Gen )
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I am in love with the idea of an AU where Loki fell to Earth and met Tony and the Avengers and Tony was all like:

"So you have daddy issues, get in line. Do you want a chance to do something worthwhile? Not for your father, or your brother, but for yourself? We could use someone like you."

And Loki, well, he was not convinced at first, but there were donuts and a room at Avengers mansion and a lab to work magic and science in. And for the first time he has, you know, people who appreciate him, so he stays, and saves the world a couple of times, invents stuff with Tony and spars with Steve and Natasha and is involved in an intricate prank war with Clint.

So, have some AU fanart:

How is he How is he

How is he? - Thor, Loki, Tony (Gen) )


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