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General Information

Hi, welcome to my LJ. I'm Anna.
In my journal you can expect to find art, recommendations, manips and even some writing done by me in my various fandoms (Teen Wolf, SGA, Doctor Who, Merlin,...).

I don't usually post about RL because I don't don't find my life all that interesting. I will probably insert tidbits about me into my fandom posts.

This is a slash-friendly journal.


I'm the creator and proud maintainer of sga_beta, a community for authors to find beta readers for their Stargate Atlantis fanfics.

Friending policy

Feel free to friend me or de-friend me as you wish, I don't mind. I feel honored to be friended by people, because this means they're interested in what I do and want to keep track of me.

If you want me to know you friended me, let me know in the comments to one of my posts.


My curent Moodtheme "NineRose" was made by ninnui.

Credits for all fonts, textures, masks, brushes, screencaps and tutorials I use can be found here.

Other journals

I have another journal at gira_luna where you can find my Real Person Art and icons. I also have mirrors at Dreamwidth: gira_luna and anna_luna.

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