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Prompt time! I have two new fandoms and I figure it is time for prompts.

The first fandom is Teen Wolf, because honestly, that show gives me happiness. It is ridiculous and often makes no sense, but I really love how it has reasonably consistent characterization, the characters who are smart usually figure things out at the same time or before the viewer does, everyone is ridiculously pretty, the women are not damsels in distress and has a sarcastic humor (usually coming from Stiles) that I can appreciate. I really hope this season they will become a real pack in the same way SGA was a team and THEN I CAN BE HAPPY! OMG! In the beginning I started watching because my tumblr was filled with gifs and I wanted to see what a remake of my darling Michael J. Fox's movie was like, and I have to say I wasn't disappointed. GIVE THIS SHOW A CHANCE, I AM PRETTY SURE YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

The second is Avengers! I think a lot of you have been pulled into this fandom/have been in this fandom forever and are sneering at all these kids playing in your lawn. My favorite is Tony and his issues (cranky genius with issues... HAVE YOU MET ME?) but I am also fascinated by everyone else. My OTP is basically Avenger/Avenger (give or take a Loki). Mostly I know movie canon and am moderately familiar with the comics, even though I was always more of an X-men girl than an Avengers one.

Prompting rules under this cut )
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Here is the first picture for the Domestic!AU, kiss or cuddle fanart meme.


John and Rodney cuddle - PG-13, Slash )

Links to other pieces on the Domestic!AU, kiss or cuddle fanart meme are here.
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You guys wouldn't believe how bored I am. So in order to give myself something to do, I propose the Domestic!AU, kiss or cuddle fanart meme as I almost finished the last meme ([ profile] milenaa, I am almost done :D).

Comment with your favorite pairing (or threesome/moresome) and choose either "domestic!AU" (or domestic setting, but Domestic!AU is shorter), "kiss" or "cuddle" fanart. Example: Brendon and Ryan, domestic!AU*.

SGA, Bandom and Merlin are my current pleasures. Also, try not to repeat prompts i.e. of someone already asked for Domestic!AU John and Rodney, you can only ask for a "John and Rodney kiss" or "John and Rodney cuddle".

First 7 people to reply get art :D

Also, if I promised you fanart somewhere before, please remind me to get to it or ask for something new that I will most definitely deliver this time (you can comment even if I already have 7 previous requests).

*You can ask for a specific domestic setting like "curtain shopping" if you want.

Comment here, please.
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I am having a forgotten and new fanart meme at LJ.

Go and give me your prompts!
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I feel I am getting rusty from not drawing lately...

So it is time for a Fanart Meme! Give me your prompts!

Rules of the meme )

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More art from the the Drawing Meme.

This one is for [ profile] neth_dugan, who wanted "John actually IS an elf. For real. Not mini-elf like the ones who make cookies. But LotR type graceful elves (except, y'know, this is JOHN still)".


Elf!John - Gen )

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I made some tiny fanart! Really tiny, none of the pictures bellow is more than 10cm on the side.

I'm working through my personal backlog of memes and trades... actually the first two are still from last year's Valentine's Day Trade Game.

For [ profile] clear_as_blood who wanted a cute moment like the two of them cuddling and reading a book or newspaper - McShep G-rated )

For [ profile] perfica who wanted something from the fic she wrote me John and Rodney whisper in bed - McShep G-rated )

Also I finished two from the The Drawing Meme.

For [ profile] villainny who wanted John babysitting for someone and not getting on too well, and Rodney finding that hilarious - Gen )

For [ profile] telesilla who wanted Steampunk/Edwardian era John and Rodney sitting on the grass talking - McShep G-rated )


John and Rodney sleep John and Rodney whisper in bed John and Baby John and Rodney on the grass

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This is for [ profile] clear_as_blood, who gave me the prompt "John trying to woo Rodney with chocolate or all sorts of cliché romantic gestures". From the Art Meme.

Romantic Gesture

Romantic Gesture - John/Rodney, G )

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Following [ profile] jade_dragoness's prompt "Rodney and John decked out in ghosbusters gear fighting and high fiving each other because they just caught a ghost and their trap is still smoking." from the Art Meme.


Ghostbusters! John and Rodney, Gen, G )

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This is for [ profile] trinityofone's prompt about the song I Still Remember by Bloc Party. She said "So I see this as John & Rodney as teenagers with lots of longing and unrequited desire. And maybe skinny dipping? And/or school ties?"

I guess teenagers is pushing it a bit because they ended up looking about 9 or 10, but they are cute and blushing and there is no touching of any kind. If young boys in love squick you, please don't click.

On the grass

I could feel your heart beating across the grass - John/Rodney - PG13 )

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I'm still making art for the people that requested some in this post.

This one is for [ profile] zabbers who is writing a college AU where John posed for human figure drawing classes (the snippet that inspired the drawing can be found here).

human figure

John and Rodney on a field - G, Pre-Slash )

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I made another piece for the post where I offered to make art for people.

This is for [ profile] dogeared who asked me to draw "John and Rodney kissing in front of a giant suspended whale skeleton" from the Nantucket AU series. This is based on the Untitled ficlet in which there is making out in a whaling museum. I *love* the Nantucket AU and if you haven't read it, you should really do so *now*.

Nantucket John and Rodney

Nantucket John and Rodney )

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:D I have some more fanart for the drawings people requested that are taking me way too much time to get done.

This one is for [ profile] silver_cyanne. She wanted "How about Ray [V.] looking at Benny after he's tasted something disgusting in the line of duty again."

I made her this:

Oh, Benny!

Ben and RayV, totally Gen )

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Bravely continuing to make fanart for these nice people, I present to you the next piece. I'm trying to work on a first come, first served basis, I will be getting to your art as soon as I can. (Shading and the tablet take so looooooong... no wonder I used to do flat colors...)

It is for [ profile] beaniesheppard, who wanted "something Sheppard on his own, or any of my pairings. I leave it to you. Though an illustration for my last fic would be cool...".

I tried to draw something for her story Chill, but maybe it's a bit too happy? And I don't know if this was the kind of place she had in mind in the fic... I did get Sheppard on his own though.

John, a bit of Atlantis and a lot of sky and ocean...

John, a bit of Atlantis and a lot of sky and ocean... )

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This is another pic for those who requested stuff.

This time it's for [ profile] trinityofone who wanted (I kidd you not) "The Doctor, Martha, and the Master, meeting Rodney and Vala as space pirates. Possibly at an alien cantina?"... Who can refuse *that*?

Having a drink

The Doctor, Martha, and the Master, meeting Rodney and Vala )


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