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The cards are off! I put them all in the mail today, except one (there was a coffee accident, it will be re-drawn and sent asap).

In the end I made one for each fandom and multiple copies of each. They are each hand drawn and colored using watercolors and crayons.


I'm just going to put these here in case someone else wants to see them.

They are free to use if you like for friends and family.

Tardis Harry
John and Rodney Panic
Sherlock Stiles and Derek

Read more... )

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It has been two years since I made my very first SGA manip. This was my very first fanish involvement *ever*!

This year's statistics:


Total art pieces: 94

Total manips and graphics: 18

Total drawings and paintings: 76

The above were for the following fandoms:

SGA: 83 Links )

SG-1: 1 Links )

due South: 4 Links )

Doctor Who: 2 Links )

Thoughtcrimes: 4 Links )


I wrote exactly one fanfic this year: Rapunzel (SGA)

In conclusion

SGA is and remains my primary fandom. McShep is my predominant pairing with 61% of all SGA fanart and a 100% of my fic being about them :D.

2007 was a wonderful fanish year for me: I went to England for Pegasus 2 and had the opportunity to meet many wonderful fellow fans. I got to draw and manip and I like to think my technique has improved.

For the first time I wrote a fic and that makes me incredibly happy as writing is something I want to learn how to do properly and continue doing in the future.

I hope 2008 will bring me the same happiness 2007 did.

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First of all: Happy New Year! I hope it will be a wonderful one and it's been wonderful spending another year with you guys.

Second: I still owe people fanart from this post... I'll draw them all, I promise.

This one is for [ profile] 20thcenturyvole who wanted "Jack/Martha/Doctor, with dinosaurs".

Jack/Martha/Doctor, with dinosaurs

Jack, Martha and the Doctor at a dinosaur petting zoo - Gen )

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This is another pic for those who requested stuff.

This time it's for [ profile] trinityofone who wanted (I kidd you not) "The Doctor, Martha, and the Master, meeting Rodney and Vala as space pirates. Possibly at an alien cantina?"... Who can refuse *that*?

Having a drink

The Doctor, Martha, and the Master, meeting Rodney and Vala )

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Hey! I finished my thesis! And, if I say so myself, it was *fantastic*!

Anna: *explains her software*
Anna: Do you have any questions?
Examiner number 1: Not really.
Examiner number 2: No.
Examiner number 3: I like it... no questions.

So it was basically a really short thesis defense... and I got the highest possible grade! *SQUEES*

And (even though my mother volunteered me to play Kindergarten teacher *in German* to children the next 3 weeks...) I'M FREE!

I have created a mirror for this journal at This is mostly because I'm a bit paranoid and don't have a webpage besides LJ. Feel free to friend me or comment on either.

And if you want me to draw something for you... )

ETA: Requests made:

There are still 1 SGA requests to be made for fanart with a pairing other than McShep! C'on! There is Rodney/Ronon or Teyla/Sora... hell *Rodney*/Sora! Rodney/Teyla! ALL TAKEN! :D

McShep: [ profile] newkidfan, [ profile] the4ts, [ profile] dogeared, [ profile] gweneiriol, [ profile] jrprongs, [ profile] sonadorita (ALL TAKEN)
Other: [ profile] beaniesheppard, [ profile] aurora_84, [ profile] looking4tarzan, [ profile] fleurrochard

Doctor Who: [ profile] trinityofone, [ profile] zabbers, [ profile] 20thcenturyvole (ALL TAKEN)

Due south: [ profile] silver_cyanne, [ profile] prudentia (ALL TAKEN)

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I've been reading a lot of Doctor Who fanfiction lately and I came upon this fanfic called This House Is Not For Sale by [ profile] centaurea_m.

This House

This House is not for Sale... )

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After finally watching the new Doctor Who, I went in search of Doctor/Rose Fanfics and found [ profile] marylane23. I decided fanart had to be drawn:

For her fic Quiet Life:

The Doctor and Rose - Ordinary

The Doctor and Rose - Ordinary (gen) )

For her fic Novelty (contains spoilers):

The Doctor and Rose - Pink (gen) )

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Here you will find thumbnails and links to Graphics and Manips I've made for my Doctor Who obsession:

Click on the thumbnail to see the post where the larger picture is located, scroll over to see a brief description.

For 'Quiet Life' by marylane23 For 'Novelity' by marylane23
For 'This House is Not for Sale' by centaurea_m


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