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Let me tell you what fics I have loved! And some Figureskating!art I made.

New OTPs I have acquired in the last 3 months:

American Idol, Star Trek, Supernatural, Figure skating RPF )

Johnny Evan Kiss Johnny Evan Ice Johnny

Actually the last one is just me loving Johnny's crown of roses, no relevance to the fic what so ever...

EDIT: Sorry, here is the art, I forgot the entry was locked:
EDIT2: I moved the art to my RPFanart journal so it will be all in one place.

Evan and Johnny - Slash, G
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I read a lot of fanfic in a lot of fandoms, but only few make it to my beloved, own the DVDs list. I was thinking about this today on my way home and noticed the following:

First SGA fic I read and loved and made me want to draw and manip (*horrible manips*) and read ten million more words of SGA!fic: A beautiful Lifetime Event by [ profile] astolat, where John and Rodney have a biological daughter and then fall in love.

First due South fic I ever read ( there was a crossover with SGA, okay?, and the original SGA fic also had kids in it): With 6 you get Eggroll by [ profile] cesperanza, where Ray and Fraser are in Ray's words "the Canadian Brady Bunch" and have *six* children.

And ok, I can't deny that I fell into bandom through fanart (I also blame [ profile] milenaa, [ profile] _kiden and [ profile] tardis80), the first Panic!fic I ever read: the Forever, Now series by [ profile] harriet_vane, where Gerard and Mikey are orphans, Brian adopts them, Frank is the tiny neighbor kid and Brendon is their *babysitter*. (Also, the fic that made me love Pete is a Mpreg!fic... *hides*).

Are you seeing the pattern???

And yesterday I read this adorable and wonderful Star Trek XI kid!fic where Spock and Kirk adopt a son, marry and fall in love... in that order.

And now I can't stop craving Star Trek XI!fic!

In conclusion: kid!fic = My kryptonite, I am helpless before it.

These are all some of my favorite stories and I always come back and read them, I hope you can enjoy them too!


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