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I got fanart! Two fanarts even! By the incredibly talented [ profile] beanrice

A picture of the team *disagreeing* with the locals


The team and sleeping Rodney

Go and admire! She also drew beautiful pictures of Rodney and his cat, Teyla, and child!Rodney and Jeannie on a flying cat!

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I survived my family vacation and had a great time in Florida! I *love* themeparks! And shopping, I did so much shopping.

Did any of the Christmas cards arrive? I haven't yet been to the post office to see if there is anything waiting for me in the PO Box.

While I was away my contribution for [ profile] sga_art_santa was posted by the mods (the complete list of participating artists and fanart can be found here).

I made fanart for [ profile] belletrist:

John and Rodney, Rodney and John

John and Rodney, Rodney and John - G, Female!John

And I GOT THE MOST WONDERFUL ART FROM [ profile] almost_clara! She drew me both Radek and Teyla *and* John and Rodney! And they work as a set!

John and Rodney, Rodney and John

Go and tell her how awesome she is!
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PLease go and d admire the wonderful piece of art [ profile] pentapus made for me in the [ profile] sticksandsnark Thing-a-ton. It is just awesome!

Actually, there are *so* many wonderful pieces of fic and art on Rodney and Teyla at [ profile] sticksandsnark! I's a feast!

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:D I got art!

The dear [ profile] everysecondtues drew me High School AU Rodney and Teyla!

*Is happy now*
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I'm very, very, very happy now, because [ profile] everysecondtues made me a beautiful picture of

Herald! Rodney and his companion (which I named "John")

It is so cute! And combines two of my favorite things, Mercedes Lackey and SGA!
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[ profile] everysecondtues made me a beautiful piece of fanart in response to her Drawing Meme

I requested 'Cadman and Rodney? Doing anything. Snarking, annoying each other, making fun of each other, bonding(*hope, hope*) over something'...

She's really talented, you should go check it out!

(Psst... she still has free drawing slots, go make a request!)


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