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I saw Thor about 2 months ago (I live in Japan, movies here come months after they are shown everywhere else) and since then I have been greatly enjoying the Avengers fandom. I blame Loki, he is the Avengers fandom's gateway drug.

Basically I have been re-watching the movies, reading fic, looking up comics and watching cartoons I hadn't followed since I was a kid. IT HAS BEEN GREAT.

So I was watching the movie, enjoying Loki and Thor and then this happened:

Loki: "No, you took me for a purpose. What was it? TELL ME!"
Odin: "I thought we could unite our kingdoms one day..."

You have to understand, my childhood cartoon movies were Sleeping Beauty and The Swan Princess, where the two kings and queens decide that in order to UNITE THEIR KINGDOMS, they would have their children marry. So IT WAS THE LOGICAL CONCLUSION TO BE DRAWN FROM THAT STATEMENT.

Anyway, have some Asgardian royal wedding art:

Unite the Kingdoms

Unite the Kingdoms - G - Thor/Loki )
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I cannot believe it has been so long since I last posted... Lets have some bullet points:

*I am back in Japan, working on my PhD. For updated news on japan ad the situation, I recommend checking out the NHK website in english. For updated information on radioactivity in my prefecture (and there is a sentence I never thought I would type...) I check the MEXT website. We seem to be doing ok. :/

*The summer has come and it is so hot OMG and because we are saving electricity, we cannot switch the air conditioners on as much as we'd like.

*I spent the other night avidly reading a Sid and Andy fanfic called Under the Table and Dreaming by [ profile] snooter. Sid and Andy, for those who don't know, are the two boys from Toy Story. They both make appearances in Toy Story 3 (Andy going to college and Sid as the happy garbage man). Even if you are dubious about the pairing, or haven't seen Toy Story in forever, I recommend you go and read. The fanfic and its sequels are really amazing and follow them from when they were children to the rest of their lives. It is fluffy and sweet but also deals with two people who are very different but really love each other and the problems they face wth understanding themselves and each other.

*Then [ profile] foxxcub decided the internet needed more Sid and Andy (NSFW pictures in the comments). :)

And because I couldn't stop thinking about it, I made fanart:

Sid and Andy

Sid and Andy kiss )
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First of all, thank you so much for the well-wishes, it was wonderful to see how many people had us in their minds and hearts at his time.

Greetings from Toronto! Because of the uncertain situation in Japan, my family and I decided it was best for me to come home. There were no direct flights to Venezuela available, so at the moment I am at my friends house in Toronto and I think on Friday I continue to Caracas.

I live in Tsukuba, which is about 160 km from Fukushima (Tsukuba is north of Tokyo). We were having power and water rationing and stores were already sold out of food, toilet paper and the like by residents buying compulsively. Fortunately, there was little structural damage to Tsukuba-city and no danger of Tsunami.

Students were moved from the university dormitories to friend's houses if they could or shelters if they couldn't (the reason why is not 100% clear, maybe because they feared the structural integrity of the 40 year old dormitories or because water and electricity couldn't be guaranteed). So it is a strange mix of panic and business-as-usual as people go to work and laboratories resume their research, but people who can, go south or away. For instance, my laboratory friends from France and Netherlands are already on their way home and my Australian housemate is in Yokohama, and going home tomorrow. My Japanese neighbor who has a baby is going south to stay with her parents while her husband stays working in Tsukuba.

It feels weird to be going home like this. Narita Airport (Tokyo) was crowded and it was difficult to get tickets, as they didn't sell them at the ticket counter, but only through phone or internet reservation (thank God for my iPhone as the phone lines were full).

I only have my emergency bag that I packed on Saturday: 1 change of clothes, computer, passport, other documents, money, 2 coats and 3 sweaters, a roll of toilet paper, a towel, a roll of wide Scotch tape (you ever know when you might need to tape something), a swiss army knife and for some reason a lot of skin-care products I thought were essential in an emergency (???).

My housemate took some pictures:

Seven eleven runs out of products )

People lining up for water at a nearby park )

I hope I am over-reacting, and things will be controlled and back to normal soon and I can return home to Tsukuba, but as a student, March is a semi-vacation month as classes start in April, so it really has no big consequences for me academically even if I am away for a couple of weeks, and as my mother in Venezuela said "Since right now, it is wait-and-see, you can wait-and-see from here".

Lets hope for the best.
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Dear friends,

First of all, me and my friends are fine. We felt the quake where I live, but not very seriously (we felt a 6.8 magnitude). Everything fell down and the shelves collapsed, but I am fine. Fortunately Tsukuba is not close to the coast so there is no tsunami danger, however we are still feeling many aftershocks (about one every 5 minutes). I am at my friend's house because we lost power at my house (hopefully it will return soon, as my heating is electric and it is still coldish around here).

Sorry, I have been absent for so long. RL took a turn for the crazy lately and I have been working a lot (among other things, my paper got rejected, which meant kicking up the gear in order to produce a new one and be able to get my Ph.D.). I promise I will make beautiful cards for all of you (maybe not so much with the Christmas theme now) as soon as I can and thank you to the lovely people who sent me cards this Christmas, it really made my day.
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Figure skating things!

I posted some fanart for [ profile] skategreat's cliché challenge (Cliché 1. Genderswap):

Evan and Jeanie Evan and Jeanie

Eva and Jeanie - Slash, G

And I am going to Fantasy on Ice!!! :D :D :D

Bandom things!

I also made fanart for [ profile] barker101's [ profile] bandombigbang fic 'Lift Me Up, It's a Brand New Day'. It is a cute kid!fic where Spencer and Jon are Brendon and Ryan's parents.

Jon and Brendon

Jon and baby!Brendon - Gen
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These are some pictures of things I sent [ profile] looking4tarzan and then forgot to post about. I also forgot to photograph them, so [ profile] looking4tarzan had to do it for me... Thank you!

The first one is a card I sent her on her birthday and the second was just because she is awesome.

John and Rodney in Bed Atlantis Mobile

John and Rodney in bed - Slash PG-13; Atlantis Mobile - Gen )
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Let me tell you what fics I have loved! And some Figureskating!art I made.

New OTPs I have acquired in the last 3 months:

American Idol, Star Trek, Supernatural, Figure skating RPF )

Johnny Evan Kiss Johnny Evan Ice Johnny

Actually the last one is just me loving Johnny's crown of roses, no relevance to the fic what so ever...

EDIT: Sorry, here is the art, I forgot the entry was locked:
EDIT2: I moved the art to my RPFanart journal so it will be all in one place.

Evan and Johnny - Slash, G
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A while ago [ profile] berlinghoff79 asked me to participate in a secret project called [ profile] sgaconstruction, where writers picked a room of John and Rodney's house to write about and then artists picked a room and got a story set in that room to illustrate. I picked "The Living Room" and got the wonderful story It's A Living by [ profile] kimberlyfdr :D

Let's Build a house

Go see the house, the fic and the art

The Living Room is here:

The Living Room

The Living Room - McShep + Pet, G(Image at the bottom)

Medium: Markers on Paper
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So this year was very busy and there wasn't nearly enough time for art, but let's have a roundup post anyway!

This year's art achievement: SGA, Bandom, Merlin, Other )

I wish you all a very happy 2010, I hope we can have as much fun together as we did this year!
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Ok, I have sent cards to:

[ profile] dogeared, [ profile] looking4tarzan, [ profile] milenaa, [ profile] ladyflowdi, [ profile] beeej, [ profile] monanotlisa, [ profile] anjak_j, [ profile] fleurrochard, [ profile] sunsetmog, [ profile] tty63, [ profile] missyvortexdv, [ profile] tipsywitch, [personal profile] anatsuno and [ profile] the4ts

I must confess I made 4 different types of cards and reproduced them several times, but each was drawn and colored by hand.

SGA: McShep: 8
SGA: Team: 1
Bandom: Brendon/Spencer: 4
Christmas Gen: 1

If I promissed you a card and you are not on this list, please let me know so I can send it to you ASAP.

Also, because I was finishing cards late at night, if I accidentally sent you the wrong type of card, let me know and I will send you a new card with the right pairing/motiv.

If you want to post a picture or scan of your card, please do so, they are *yours*.
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Dear wonderful people that sent me snowflakes:


I was so happy to receive them, both form the name and anonymous people (on the one hand I would really like to know who you are, on the other hand, this means *anyone* could have sent it, which makes *everyone* a suspect which makes me grin and grin and grin at everyone).

On a somewhat but not completely unrelated note, [personal profile] bunnymcfoo is raising money to buy hoodies, socks, underwear, and gloves for the children of her local teen homeless shelter. If you have some money to spare, please send it there.

I can't actually send her money right now, BUT, I could donate some fanart. So, make a donation of at least 5$ and come back here and give me a prompt and I will draw it for you and send you the scan (you can choose to share it with the internet or not). Any of my usual fandoms.
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the ♥ fanart love ♥ meme


Actually I recommend going there and browsing all the wonderful artists, its like a wonderful love-recs-fest!
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I read a lot of fanfic in a lot of fandoms, but only few make it to my beloved, own the DVDs list. I was thinking about this today on my way home and noticed the following:

First SGA fic I read and loved and made me want to draw and manip (*horrible manips*) and read ten million more words of SGA!fic: A beautiful Lifetime Event by [ profile] astolat, where John and Rodney have a biological daughter and then fall in love.

First due South fic I ever read ( there was a crossover with SGA, okay?, and the original SGA fic also had kids in it): With 6 you get Eggroll by [ profile] cesperanza, where Ray and Fraser are in Ray's words "the Canadian Brady Bunch" and have *six* children.

And ok, I can't deny that I fell into bandom through fanart (I also blame [ profile] milenaa, [ profile] _kiden and [ profile] tardis80), the first Panic!fic I ever read: the Forever, Now series by [ profile] harriet_vane, where Gerard and Mikey are orphans, Brian adopts them, Frank is the tiny neighbor kid and Brendon is their *babysitter*. (Also, the fic that made me love Pete is a Mpreg!fic... *hides*).

Are you seeing the pattern???

And yesterday I read this adorable and wonderful Star Trek XI kid!fic where Spock and Kirk adopt a son, marry and fall in love... in that order.

And now I can't stop craving Star Trek XI!fic!

In conclusion: kid!fic = My kryptonite, I am helpless before it.

These are all some of my favorite stories and I always come back and read them, I hope you can enjoy them too!
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Here is the first picture for the Domestic!AU, kiss or cuddle fanart meme.


John and Rodney cuddle - PG-13, Slash )

Links to other pieces on the Domestic!AU, kiss or cuddle fanart meme are here.
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You guys wouldn't believe how bored I am. So in order to give myself something to do, I propose the Domestic!AU, kiss or cuddle fanart meme as I almost finished the last meme ([ profile] milenaa, I am almost done :D).

Comment with your favorite pairing (or threesome/moresome) and choose either "domestic!AU" (or domestic setting, but Domestic!AU is shorter), "kiss" or "cuddle" fanart. Example: Brendon and Ryan, domestic!AU*.

SGA, Bandom and Merlin are my current pleasures. Also, try not to repeat prompts i.e. of someone already asked for Domestic!AU John and Rodney, you can only ask for a "John and Rodney kiss" or "John and Rodney cuddle".

First 7 people to reply get art :D

Also, if I promised you fanart somewhere before, please remind me to get to it or ask for something new that I will most definitely deliver this time (you can comment even if I already have 7 previous requests).

*You can ask for a specific domestic setting like "curtain shopping" if you want.

Comment here, please.
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A very long time ago I promised [ profile] runpunkrun that I would make her a picturebook for her awesome series Able to Zoo. I drew her the first seven (Able to Gamble) and then never got around to finish it. So now, more than two years later, I made some more.

Drawings by me, text by [ profile] runpunkrun.


hibiscus jacked lamp pander

hibiscus to rodent - PG-13, Slash and Gen )
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[ profile] milenaa made me the most amazing girl!Brendon and Spencer art *ever*!!!

There are pumpkins! And Spencer being playful and beautiful girl!Bren!

Go tell her how awesome she is!


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