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I am not especially good at recaps and others have done a better job at pictures and narrating the experience, but I'll give it a go for your reading and viewing pleasure (also some things are paraphrased since I didn't make notes at the time):

I took the teeny teeny tiny Alpha with me:


met some brilliant people and...


We had some great guests!

Anna at Wolf's Bane favorite fan moments

I think I lucked out, because this was my second con ever and I went by myself, but everyone was incredibly friendly and sweet and I had wonderful conversations with people while queuing, with people I sat beside, with people at the Starbucks!

I met my first fellow fans at the bus queue at Heathrow and as experienced con-goers they immediately took me under their wing and showed me the best pub to eat at! Then not one but several other groups of friends welcomed me and let me hand out with them. The con would not have been the same without you guys!

I met people that had come from far away places just for the con! Denemark, Germany, Sweden, Italy, France, Russia! As well ass lovely local people!

On Friday evening we had a TW quiz and I swear our table was the loudest (possibly the most embarrassing?). My team was called "Team Wolf" (I apologize for my lame puns... not).
Some of the questions in the quiz were really funny to us, for instance:

-"What does Isaac do at night?"
-"Buy scarves on e-bay?"

and others really difficult, for instance, what episode certain tracks played on and what their artist and name was.

We had a true or false question regarding TW episode names, it was great to see that the more ridiculous and punny ones were actual episode names and not made up.

All the questions asked to the cast during their talks that I was there for (when I wasn't having my picture taken) were respectful, insightful or funny! People asked about favorite dinosaurs, about Derek being a dad, about the parents' relationships with their children! It was beautiful.

This con went from heartwarming to deep to incredibly funny at a moment's notice, it was great and I think fans made the guest feel welcome and valued and the guest made us feel treasured us and the fanworks we create in turn. It was a whole weekend of reciprocal love and admiration. itsfuuh wrote out Tyler's closing speech for the con, I think it summarizes the cast's reactions during the con.

I received many complements on my homemade corset and skirt red riding-hood costume! I met the most amazing cosplayers! There were Erica's and Dereks and Stiles's and Scott and Isaac, and mama!McCall and Danny and Laura's and girl!Stiles. Also the theme for Friday was hunters and hunted and for Saturday Fairytales, I saw brilliant fairies and little reds and big bad wolves as well as I swear, a prehistoric hunter!lady! Next year, if I go, I will make a proper costume.

Apparently one of the guys in charge of video and audio had never seen TW but from the talks and the previews he saw and all our enthusiasm, he really wanted to see it now! So he procured S1 DVDs from somewhere and on Sunday between talks he played it for us (and himself)! It was amazing to watch the show surrounded by people who love it as much as I do! Also the poor guy must have been so confused at us laughing at future plot points! Also we asked him to play ep. 1x09, the famous "Miguel" episode, it was great.

I had the greatest time at the discos at night, it was a great atmosphere and everyone was having fun! We had several con-dances and the DJ made sure to keep it entertaining.

I lost my tiny!Alpha on Saturday so on Sunday I went and asked: "Do you have a lost and found? I lost something small and not very valuable last night." "What did you loose?" "A teeny tiny tiny wolf." Fortunately Rob(from the staff) found it and was keeping it for me and it was sitting there on top of a speaker, I was so happy! I found it in time for it to feature in my picture with Tyler.



Anna at Wolf's Bane favorite moments with the cast



It opened with out master of ceremony, Flash, dressed as the original Scott McCall! He even had a basket ball!




(This was the question about Alison and having another Werewolf!boyfriend...)


(Tyler and JR laugh a lot together)


(until they cried, this happened a lot)

JR Bourne being absolutely incompetent at fight sequences and hitting himself and co-workers in the face and Tyler commenting that this is why he always has a gun now, even when a gun does not make sense in that situation. He even uses a gun to stir his tea *JR mimes stirring tea with a gun*.

JR: I am the wort hunter, I can't hunt a single wolf.
Tyler: I am the worst alpha.

A fan asked about shipping and JR had apparently never heard of it and he thought it wass relationships in the general sense and says "The sheriff and Stiles" and there was a quiet murmur and Tyler looking at him with wide eyes and then the fan who asked the question explained that it was romantic relationships.
JR: I take back my answer.
(And then he cracked himself up until he cried)
JR: Derek and ... (and he was laughing too hard to ever finish)
JR kept bringing it up at other sessions. At some point he shipped an unicorn and a cheetah... cheetahcorn?

-How would Derek's life been different if there had been no fire?
Tyler: Derek's life would have been different, he would have had a nice gf who didn't kill his family. We might have been in-laws!
JR: You would have been my brother in law!
(they were both very happy about this!)
Fans: He was 15!
Tyler: I don't know my character's age!

Tyler sharing how he absolutely did not crash a motorcycle, he saved the motorcycle and if anyone asks, he broke his toe when a weight fell on it.

Tyler on liking Game of Thrones.
Tyler: I met Kit, who plays Jon Snow and I was like hey I am Tyler. How is it going? *extends hand* ... *retracts hand* And you don't know me, ok...

These three were brilliant every time they were on:


Stephen and Sinqua played the fact that their characters were now dead for laughs

-What's on your bucket list?


(Checking their bucket lists on their Phones)

Keahu wants to see Earth from Orbit, Steven wants to have a date with Emma Watson (he confessed to Harry Potter being one of his biggest fandoms), Sinqua wants to learn to fly.

-What is your favorite dinosaur?
*Stephen puts his hand over his mouth and starts making brumming noises*


Keahu: Is that a brontosaurus?
Stephen: No! Haven't you seen Jurassic Park? It's a velociraptor!


Stephen: They don't die! They travel in pairs! They are never alone, like me! ... Well there was the T-rex, no!
Fan: They are extinct!

-What would be yours and your character's Hogwarts house?
Keahu: Ravenclaw
Stephen: Matt would be in Slytherin and I would be in Gryffindor! Pottermore told me so!
Sinqua: I actually have not seen the movies.


Stephen: *judges him*
Fans: *GASP*
Keahu/Stephen: This is the wrong crowd to admit that...
Sinqua: I wanted to make something up, but then I would pronounce it wrong and you'd know I was an imposter.
(or something along those lines, I am widely paraphrasing...)
Sinqua: What do you think?
Fans: Ravenclaw! Gryffindor! Hufflepuff!
Stephen: *makes the face bellow*


Stephen: Ravenclaw? What are you thinking?

It was eventually settled that Boyd should be a Hufflepuff.

I was actually blown away by Stephen's fanishness, the Hogwarts house discussion was obviously close to his heart. He is also wearing a *silver* ring on a string around his neck that is from the Uncharted games (and that scarf thing he was wearing was from his uncharted cosplay last year at Comicon, I think). And Keahu with his cosplaying and his knowledge of Marvel.

Apparently Keahu didn't realize his costume for the San Diego Comicon was Beacon Hill's!red until someone pointed it out and it was way too late to change it. He says it was subconscious.

-Teen Wolf, the musical?
Keahu: I'm too sexy.
Fan: Just keep swimming!
Stephen: *sings the song*
Sinqua: Defying Gravity!

Sinqua pushing Keahu towards Steven when asked about the future of Matt/Danny if Matt hadn't been evil. Also snuggling.

Melissa Ponzio is incredibly sweet and beautiful (this is probably news to no-one)...



(This was when she was asking Linden whether the scene she wanted to reference had aired already. Unfortunately it hadn't yet.)


Her and Linden's talk was full of love and how their characters would accept their children no matter what. And that for some reason Linden knew more about the backstory of the McCalls than Melissa did!

The tagline for the event was "let's have a couple of beers, see what happens". But I really loved Linden talking about the first TW table read and how he wanted to relate to the new actors and wanted to take Tyler P. and Dylan for beers and they were all "yeah, thanks, but we are underage and can't" and how they have grown so much and are now their own persons.

The ship of McCall/Stilinski/Argent parental generation is now called Root Cellar and I really enjoyed how they had fun thinking of the OT3! (Linden: "Tonight I'll be the hunter!" JR: "Does a literal spit-take" There is video here.)

Also this exchange on whether Tyler thought Derek would ever want to give Stiles the bite.

Tyler didn't curse (that I heard) during all the talks, except when asked for his favorite curse word, and then he said "Fuuuuuck" (in an seriously orgasmic way).

Also, Tyler did the noise of cat's fucking in the night and earned £20 from JR It has to be heard to be believed!

Prettiestalpha gave Tyler a tiny book with the flowercrown manips and he actually read aloud "I am the flower wolf!".




That's it for now, I might expand this later if I think of something else.
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