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I am not especially good at recaps and others have done a better job at pictures and narrating the experience, but I'll give it a go for your reading and viewing pleasure (also some things are paraphrased since I didn't make notes at the time):

I took the teeny teeny tiny Alpha with me:


met some brilliant people and...


We had some great guests!

Anna at Wolf's Bane favorite fan moments )



Anna at Wolf's Bane favorite moments with the cast(Picture Heavy) )
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To indulge my Teen Wolf obsession, I am going to Wolf's Bane from tomorrow and was wondering if any of you will be there? I am going by myself and it is a bit daunting.

The last time I went to a Con was Pegasus 2 Con (about 8 years ago?) and I had a great time and met some awesome people!

I will be wearing a red hoodie with a Triskelle on the back most of the time and answer to Anna (or Luna).

If someone is going and would like me to draw them some fanart and bring it there, let me know! I love to meet new people and I like to give people at Cons fanart (it makes for a great ice-breaker!).

Also, they just announced the parties in the evening are themed! "Hunters and the Hunted" and "Myths, Legends and Fairytales"! Anyone have some quick costume ideas from things I can find around the house? So far I think my option is modern Red Riding Hood.
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The cards are off! I put them all in the mail today, except one (there was a coffee accident, it will be re-drawn and sent asap).

In the end I made one for each fandom and multiple copies of each. They are each hand drawn and colored using watercolors and crayons.


I'm just going to put these here in case someone else wants to see them.

They are free to use if you like for friends and family.

Tardis Harry
John and Rodney Panic
Sherlock Stiles and Derek

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Prompt time! I have two new fandoms and I figure it is time for prompts.

The first fandom is Teen Wolf, because honestly, that show gives me happiness. It is ridiculous and often makes no sense, but I really love how it has reasonably consistent characterization, the characters who are smart usually figure things out at the same time or before the viewer does, everyone is ridiculously pretty, the women are not damsels in distress and has a sarcastic humor (usually coming from Stiles) that I can appreciate. I really hope this season they will become a real pack in the same way SGA was a team and THEN I CAN BE HAPPY! OMG! In the beginning I started watching because my tumblr was filled with gifs and I wanted to see what a remake of my darling Michael J. Fox's movie was like, and I have to say I wasn't disappointed. GIVE THIS SHOW A CHANCE, I AM PRETTY SURE YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

The second is Avengers! I think a lot of you have been pulled into this fandom/have been in this fandom forever and are sneering at all these kids playing in your lawn. My favorite is Tony and his issues (cranky genius with issues... HAVE YOU MET ME?) but I am also fascinated by everyone else. My OTP is basically Avenger/Avenger (give or take a Loki). Mostly I know movie canon and am moderately familiar with the comics, even though I was always more of an X-men girl than an Avengers one.

Prompting rules under this cut )


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