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Hello all! I'm back all rested and ready to try and catch up with everything that has been going on.

And I come bearing art... a lot of it, actually... (My father has a hobby, and his hobby is a farm... and he likes having me there, in the farm... for weeks... there are cows and it is beautiful but there was a lot of free time I put to good use... I knit a poncho for me and a scarf for my dad and I drew and painted and colored).

In order not to swamp you all I'll be posting one or two pieces every day for as long as I have art lying around. I hope you'll enjoy them.

For today we have two more cards for the hopefully not forgotten SGA Tarot deck! The complete list of characters and cards can be found here.

The Hermit The Devil

9. Radek - The Hermit )

15. Wraith - The Devil )

I sorry I chose the cards mostly for their name rather than their meaning. I think Radek looks rather dashing as "The Hermit" (even if he looks like Daniel Jackson) and there was no way *not* to cast the Wraith as "The Devil".

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Something for the SGA Tarot Deck! Complete list of Cards and previous cards.


Warning: Implied John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla although it can be seen as friendship/gen

06. Team - The Lovers )

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I made two more cards for the SGA Tarot Deck.

The complete list of characters and cards can be found here. The previous four cards can be found here.

Tarot 1 Tarot 3

1. Rodney - The Magician )

3. Elizabeth - The Empress )

* Card meanings from :

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I finally have some cards to show you out of the Tarot Deck I've been making (Complete list of Cards and Characters):

Tarot 10 Tarot 12 Tarot 14 Tarot 18

10. Carson - The Wheel of Fortune )

12. John - The Hanged Man )

14. Teyla - The Temperance )

18. Sora - The Moon )

* Card meanings from :

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So out of a drawing I posted in my last entry in which I drew Rodney as "The Magician" of the Tarot deck, a new project was born:

The SGA Tarot Deck

Now, I would love to assign each Tarot Card an SGA character (I'd rather have people representing the different cards than inanimate objects, but I might cast Atlantis and the ZPM in a pinch) and would like to hear ideas and suggestions. I'd like most cards to be cast according to the cards' meaning and symbolism, but some may only be chosen for their aesthetic value.

Thanks to [ profile] mecurtin, [ profile] astolat, [ profile] lapislaz, [ profile] fan_this and [ profile] nightfreyja for suggestions.

The SGA Tarot Deck )


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