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Let me tell you what fics I have loved! And some Figureskating!art I made.

New OTPs I have acquired in the last 3 months:

American Idol, Star Trek, Supernatural, Figure skating RPF )

Johnny Evan Kiss Johnny Evan Ice Johnny

Actually the last one is just me loving Johnny's crown of roses, no relevance to the fic what so ever...

EDIT: Sorry, here is the art, I forgot the entry was locked:
EDIT2: I moved the art to my RPFanart journal so it will be all in one place.

Evan and Johnny - Slash, G
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So just in case anyone has access to this type of thing, I work subtitling series and Supernatural and Eureka came up, so I'm looking for script and transcript of the episodes and if anyone knows where to get them in spanish, much, much better...

Dean, he *mumbles*! And Sam talks like really, really *fast*! And I won't even *start* with Eureka...

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[ profile] milenaa drew me a beautiful picture of Rodney and a cat sleeping on the couch for my birthday, which was totally unexpected and wonderful and you should all go over there and admire it.

[ profile] milenaa's birthday is December 17th, and mine is December 16th, because of the time difference from Venezuela to Germany, we have about 5 hours where we share a birthday. So it made me feel kind of bad that I had not finished her Christmas!Art!Present nor her Birthday!Art!Present in time.

Now they are finally done:

Couch Helpers

Happy Birthday [ profile] milenaa!

John and Rodney - Couch - PG for possibly inappropriate ankle touching )

Sam and Dean - Santa's Little Helpers - G )


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