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The cards are off! I put them all in the mail today, except one (there was a coffee accident, it will be re-drawn and sent asap).

In the end I made one for each fandom and multiple copies of each. They are each hand drawn and colored using watercolors and crayons.


I'm just going to put these here in case someone else wants to see them.

They are free to use if you like for friends and family.

Tardis Harry
John and Rodney Panic
Sherlock Stiles and Derek

Read more... )

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I was going to post a new fanart meme, and then I went and checked how I had tagged the last one and realized I had never finished it!

So, I said to myself, self, you do not want to be the kind of person who leaves kind internet people without their requested fanart, so I went ahead and finished it.

Sorry it took 2.5 years, I hope you like it?


Merlin and arthur cooking John and Rodney and a cat Merlin and arthur cuddling
John and Rodney breakfast in bed Ryan and Spencer washing John and Ronon clean
Brendon and Spencer Mona Lisa Sam and Rodney sleep Teyla and Family


Merlin and arthur cooking )

John and Rodney and a cat )

Merlin and arthur cuddling )

John and Rodney breakfast in bed )

Ryan and Spencer washing )

John and Ronon clean )

Girl!Brendon and Spencer filming Mona Lisa )

Sam and Rodney sleep )

Teyla and (part of) her family )

Medium: markers, pencils and water colors on paper.

Unfortunately, for some drawings I was trying out a new pen and I didn't realize the ink wasn't 100% waterproof, so some of it is a little smudged (especially Sam and Rodney and Teyla).

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These are some pictures of things I sent [ profile] looking4tarzan and then forgot to post about. I also forgot to photograph them, so [ profile] looking4tarzan had to do it for me... Thank you!

The first one is a card I sent her on her birthday and the second was just because she is awesome.

John and Rodney in Bed Atlantis Mobile

John and Rodney in bed - Slash PG-13; Atlantis Mobile - Gen )
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A while ago [ profile] berlinghoff79 asked me to participate in a secret project called [ profile] sgaconstruction, where writers picked a room of John and Rodney's house to write about and then artists picked a room and got a story set in that room to illustrate. I picked "The Living Room" and got the wonderful story It's A Living by [ profile] kimberlyfdr :D

Let's Build a house

Go see the house, the fic and the art

The Living Room is here:

The Living Room

The Living Room - McShep + Pet, G(Image at the bottom)

Medium: Markers on Paper
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So this year was very busy and there wasn't nearly enough time for art, but let's have a roundup post anyway!

This year's art achievement: SGA, Bandom, Merlin, Other )

I wish you all a very happy 2010, I hope we can have as much fun together as we did this year!
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Ok, I have sent cards to:

[ profile] dogeared, [ profile] looking4tarzan, [ profile] milenaa, [ profile] ladyflowdi, [ profile] beeej, [ profile] monanotlisa, [ profile] anjak_j, [ profile] fleurrochard, [ profile] sunsetmog, [ profile] tty63, [ profile] missyvortexdv, [ profile] tipsywitch, [personal profile] anatsuno and [ profile] the4ts

I must confess I made 4 different types of cards and reproduced them several times, but each was drawn and colored by hand.

SGA: McShep: 8
SGA: Team: 1
Bandom: Brendon/Spencer: 4
Christmas Gen: 1

If I promissed you a card and you are not on this list, please let me know so I can send it to you ASAP.

Also, because I was finishing cards late at night, if I accidentally sent you the wrong type of card, let me know and I will send you a new card with the right pairing/motiv.

If you want to post a picture or scan of your card, please do so, they are *yours*.
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I read a lot of fanfic in a lot of fandoms, but only few make it to my beloved, own the DVDs list. I was thinking about this today on my way home and noticed the following:

First SGA fic I read and loved and made me want to draw and manip (*horrible manips*) and read ten million more words of SGA!fic: A beautiful Lifetime Event by [ profile] astolat, where John and Rodney have a biological daughter and then fall in love.

First due South fic I ever read ( there was a crossover with SGA, okay?, and the original SGA fic also had kids in it): With 6 you get Eggroll by [ profile] cesperanza, where Ray and Fraser are in Ray's words "the Canadian Brady Bunch" and have *six* children.

And ok, I can't deny that I fell into bandom through fanart (I also blame [ profile] milenaa, [ profile] _kiden and [ profile] tardis80), the first Panic!fic I ever read: the Forever, Now series by [ profile] harriet_vane, where Gerard and Mikey are orphans, Brian adopts them, Frank is the tiny neighbor kid and Brendon is their *babysitter*. (Also, the fic that made me love Pete is a Mpreg!fic... *hides*).

Are you seeing the pattern???

And yesterday I read this adorable and wonderful Star Trek XI kid!fic where Spock and Kirk adopt a son, marry and fall in love... in that order.

And now I can't stop craving Star Trek XI!fic!

In conclusion: kid!fic = My kryptonite, I am helpless before it.

These are all some of my favorite stories and I always come back and read them, I hope you can enjoy them too!
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Here is the first picture for the Domestic!AU, kiss or cuddle fanart meme.


John and Rodney cuddle - PG-13, Slash )

Links to other pieces on the Domestic!AU, kiss or cuddle fanart meme are here.
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You guys wouldn't believe how bored I am. So in order to give myself something to do, I propose the Domestic!AU, kiss or cuddle fanart meme as I almost finished the last meme ([ profile] milenaa, I am almost done :D).

Comment with your favorite pairing (or threesome/moresome) and choose either "domestic!AU" (or domestic setting, but Domestic!AU is shorter), "kiss" or "cuddle" fanart. Example: Brendon and Ryan, domestic!AU*.

SGA, Bandom and Merlin are my current pleasures. Also, try not to repeat prompts i.e. of someone already asked for Domestic!AU John and Rodney, you can only ask for a "John and Rodney kiss" or "John and Rodney cuddle".

First 7 people to reply get art :D

Also, if I promised you fanart somewhere before, please remind me to get to it or ask for something new that I will most definitely deliver this time (you can comment even if I already have 7 previous requests).

*You can ask for a specific domestic setting like "curtain shopping" if you want.

Comment here, please.
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I am having a forgotten and new fanart meme at LJ.

Go and give me your prompts!
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I feel I am getting rusty from not drawing lately...

So it is time for a Fanart Meme! Give me your prompts!

Rules of the meme )

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Some time ago, I got this wonderful postcard from [ profile] tardis80:


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Some time ago, I got this wonderful postcard from [ profile] tardis80.


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More art from the the Drawing Meme.

This one is for [ profile] neth_dugan, who wanted "John actually IS an elf. For real. Not mini-elf like the ones who make cookies. But LotR type graceful elves (except, y'know, this is JOHN still)".


Elf!John - Gen )

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Almost two years ago I posted the first The Adventures of Laura and Ronon. I meant to continue it, but somehow it slipped my mind until now.

This one too, is dedicated to [ profile] looking4tarzan, she is the Cadman to my McKay, take it as a Valentine's Day trade if you want ;)

Laura and Ronon Laura and Ronon

Ronon, Laura, John, Rodney, Sam, Wolsey, Gen - Picture Heavy! )

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[ profile] looking4tarzan received the Christmas card I sent her!

Here are some pictures I took before I sent it, I made four in this fashion. [ profile] ladyflowdi, [ profile] beeej and [ profile] aesc, I hope yours arrive soon!


Very late SGA Christmas Card - Gen/Team )


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