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[ profile] synecdochic received the drawing I sent her and she agreed to let me post the scan I made of it.

For her Mezzanine AU, I drew JD eating through Cammie's cookie supply. If you haven't had the pleasure to enjoy this AU, I recommend you go there now. It is full of a softness that makes it a comfort fic while being true to interpersonal relationships and hardships and redefining sexuality in interesting ways. Also, it is hot.


JD in Cammie's Kitchen - Gen )


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It has been two years since I made my very first SGA manip. This was my very first fanish involvement *ever*!

This year's statistics:


Total art pieces: 94

Total manips and graphics: 18

Total drawings and paintings: 76

The above were for the following fandoms:

SGA: 83 Links )

SG-1: 1 Links )

due South: 4 Links )

Doctor Who: 2 Links )

Thoughtcrimes: 4 Links )


I wrote exactly one fanfic this year: Rapunzel (SGA)

In conclusion

SGA is and remains my primary fandom. McShep is my predominant pairing with 61% of all SGA fanart and a 100% of my fic being about them :D.

2007 was a wonderful fanish year for me: I went to England for Pegasus 2 and had the opportunity to meet many wonderful fellow fans. I got to draw and manip and I like to think my technique has improved.

For the first time I wrote a fic and that makes me incredibly happy as writing is something I want to learn how to do properly and continue doing in the future.

I hope 2008 will bring me the same happiness 2007 did.

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I made some fanart for [ profile] synecdochic because she's awesome and I couldn't resist Cammie (female!Cam Mitchell! OMG!) and Daniel in her ficlet Civilization.

Daniel and Cammie

Daniel and Cammie - Friendship, Genderswap )

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Lonely Tarts Club presents the John/Vala Thing-a-thon

Recipient: [ profile] zabbers
Creator: [ profile] anna_luna
Title: Quality Time
Rating: PG-13 (You can see Vala's naked back)
Prompt(s): pretty hair ornaments, long stares and childish mischief
Spoilers: No
Summary: A montage of 3 tiles featuring 3 different moments in John and Vala's relationship.

John and Vala

John and Vala are pretty together... )

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Hey! I finished my thesis! And, if I say so myself, it was *fantastic*!

Anna: *explains her software*
Anna: Do you have any questions?
Examiner number 1: Not really.
Examiner number 2: No.
Examiner number 3: I like it... no questions.

So it was basically a really short thesis defense... and I got the highest possible grade! *SQUEES*

And (even though my mother volunteered me to play Kindergarten teacher *in German* to children the next 3 weeks...) I'M FREE!

I have created a mirror for this journal at This is mostly because I'm a bit paranoid and don't have a webpage besides LJ. Feel free to friend me or comment on either.

And if you want me to draw something for you... )

ETA: Requests made:

There are still 1 SGA requests to be made for fanart with a pairing other than McShep! C'on! There is Rodney/Ronon or Teyla/Sora... hell *Rodney*/Sora! Rodney/Teyla! ALL TAKEN! :D

McShep: [ profile] newkidfan, [ profile] the4ts, [ profile] dogeared, [ profile] gweneiriol, [ profile] jrprongs, [ profile] sonadorita (ALL TAKEN)
Other: [ profile] beaniesheppard, [ profile] aurora_84, [ profile] looking4tarzan, [ profile] fleurrochard

Doctor Who: [ profile] trinityofone, [ profile] zabbers, [ profile] 20thcenturyvole (ALL TAKEN)

Due south: [ profile] silver_cyanne, [ profile] prudentia (ALL TAKEN)

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Spoilers for SG-1's 10x20 )

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:D It's been exactly one year since I made my first manip for an SGA fanfic and posted it. This marked the beginning of my first true fanish involvement ever.

This year's statistics:

Total art pieces: 173 *is proud*

Total manips and graphics: 26

Total drawings and paintings (and 1 animation): 111 (Wow, I've come a long way since I first drew Rodney in his boxers...)

SGA: 163

SG-1: 5

Other: 5

Of those art pieces, 92 are McShep(or at least John/Rodney friendship)... that's 53% of all my art and 55% of all SGA art... actually I'm surprised the percentage isn't higher...

I have updated my masterlists for SGA (manips and graphics - traditional art) and SG-1, so viewing the drawings and manips should be easier.

It's been a great year and I hope next year will be even better. Thank you all for encouraging me to make art, most of this wouldn't have been possible without you.

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After I read [ profile] synecdochic's Recovering the Satellites my interest in Sam and Cameron as a couple was peaked. The result? Fanart... actually a lot of fanart:

Cam and Sam Cam and Sam Cam and Sam Cam and Sam Cam and Sam

Five ways Cameron and Sam almost had sex (Gen) Image Heavy )

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SG-1: Fanart Masterlist I: Graphics 01

Click on the thumbnail to see the post where the larger picure is located, scroll over to see a brief description.

Cam and Sam for synecdochic's 'Recovering the Satellites' Cam and Sam for synecdochic's 'Recovering the Satellites' Cam and Sam for synecdochic's 'Recovering the Satellites' Cam and Sam for synecdochic's 'Recovering the Satellites'
Cam and Sam for synecdochic's 'Recovering the Satellites'

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SG-1: Fanart Masterlist II: Traditional Art 01

Click on the thumbnail to see the post where the larger picure is located, scroll over to see a brief description.


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