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These are some pictures of things I sent [ profile] looking4tarzan and then forgot to post about. I also forgot to photograph them, so [ profile] looking4tarzan had to do it for me... Thank you!

The first one is a card I sent her on her birthday and the second was just because she is awesome.

John and Rodney in Bed Atlantis Mobile

John and Rodney in bed - Slash PG-13; Atlantis Mobile - Gen )
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A very long time ago I promised [ profile] runpunkrun that I would make her a picturebook for her awesome series Able to Zoo. I drew her the first seven (Able to Gamble) and then never got around to finish it. So now, more than two years later, I made some more.

Drawings by me, text by [ profile] runpunkrun.


hibiscus jacked lamp pander

hibiscus to rodent - PG-13, Slash and Gen )
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I made some tiny fanart! Really tiny, none of the pictures bellow is more than 10cm on the side.

I'm working through my personal backlog of memes and trades... actually the first two are still from last year's Valentine's Day Trade Game.

For [ profile] clear_as_blood who wanted a cute moment like the two of them cuddling and reading a book or newspaper - McShep G-rated )

For [ profile] perfica who wanted something from the fic she wrote me John and Rodney whisper in bed - McShep G-rated )

Also I finished two from the The Drawing Meme.

For [ profile] villainny who wanted John babysitting for someone and not getting on too well, and Rodney finding that hilarious - Gen )

For [ profile] telesilla who wanted Steampunk/Edwardian era John and Rodney sitting on the grass talking - McShep G-rated )


John and Rodney sleep John and Rodney whisper in bed John and Baby John and Rodney on the grass

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Following [ profile] jade_dragoness's prompt "Rodney and John decked out in ghosbusters gear fighting and high fiving each other because they just caught a ghost and their trap is still smoking." from the Art Meme.


Ghostbusters! John and Rodney, Gen, G )

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I finally finished my Valentine's Day Trade for [ profile] fleurrochard. She traded me a wonderful song and I wanted to make something a bit different for her... And then this idea took over my brain and I've been working on it for weeks.

[ profile] fleurrochard said she wanted "something about Rodney and music"... so I present to you: Rodney's Life:

Rodney's Life Rodney's Life Rodney's Life Rodney's Life

Medium: Cut paper (inspired by Robert Ryan and my 6th grade art teacher who we used to do stuff like this with)

Rodney's Life, Gen, Papercuts and a sort of story )


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