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Here is the second half of the Pegasus 2 Fanart Meme results. The first seven drawings made for people attending the Pegasus 2 Convention can be found here.

Stargate Files Chuck Dawn Ballet
Chart Sunscreen Festival Lucky Play

Nine pretty drawings! - Mosly Gen and slightly slashy - Picture Heavy )

EDIT: For some reason I didn't realize Chuck's jacket was green! All fixed now!

EDIT2: Anybody who wants icons made witht their drawings, let me know. :D

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I made the Pegasus 2 Fanart meme for people attending the Pegasus2 Convention in London. Unfortunately I only found about half the people I had fanart for, but everyone was great and friendly. So now I'm posting the colored versions of the drawings for everyone's enjoyment.

Rodney's Stargate Monkeys Matches Wump Pigeons Godmother Picking Apples

The first seven pretty pictures! (Picture Heavy) Gen and slightly (really *slightly*) slashy )

Pegasus 2 Fanart meme Results Part 2

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Ok, so apparently I'll never get around to making a proper Pegasus 2 report so, have some pretty pictures? I warn you though, my camera fell out of a second story window in Mexico and since then... it just hasn't been the same.

Oh, David

Pegasus 2 Pictures and short report(VERY, VERY PICTURE HEAVY) )
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This is the sign-up post for my Pegasus 2 fanart meme. (Because [ profile] looking4tarzan said it was ok...)

Any of you who are going to the Pegasus 2 Convention next February can ask for a doodle from me that you can request at the convention (a sort of icebreaker since I'm going by myself and don't know anyone).

You may specify up to 3 SGA characters (or fangirls, with descriptions), a setting or a bit of dialog and I will do my best to have them done in time. Maximum rating for the doodles is "R", but they will most likely be fluffy, cute and PG also if you don't want slash or het or more-some, let me know, so I don't draw you something you won't like.

For example:

Teyla and Radek on the mainland, "These are good fish!"


John and Rodney at the circus, "Clowns?"


Kate, Elizabeth and [ profile] anna_luna (blond, green eyes), couch, "Is that a slash fanfic?"

The requesting period expires on January 20th but everyone on LJ that is going to Pegausus 2 can request one.


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