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I was going to post a new fanart meme, and then I went and checked how I had tagged the last one and realized I had never finished it!

So, I said to myself, self, you do not want to be the kind of person who leaves kind internet people without their requested fanart, so I went ahead and finished it.

Sorry it took 2.5 years, I hope you like it?


Merlin and arthur cooking John and Rodney and a cat Merlin and arthur cuddling
John and Rodney breakfast in bed Ryan and Spencer washing John and Ronon clean
Brendon and Spencer Mona Lisa Sam and Rodney sleep Teyla and Family


Merlin and arthur cooking )

John and Rodney and a cat )

Merlin and arthur cuddling )

John and Rodney breakfast in bed )

Ryan and Spencer washing )

John and Ronon clean )

Girl!Brendon and Spencer filming Mona Lisa )

Sam and Rodney sleep )

Teyla and (part of) her family )

Medium: markers, pencils and water colors on paper.

Unfortunately, for some drawings I was trying out a new pen and I didn't realize the ink wasn't 100% waterproof, so some of it is a little smudged (especially Sam and Rodney and Teyla).

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So this year was very busy and there wasn't nearly enough time for art, but let's have a roundup post anyway!

This year's art achievement: SGA, Bandom, Merlin, Other )

I wish you all a very happy 2010, I hope we can have as much fun together as we did this year!
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You guys wouldn't believe how bored I am. So in order to give myself something to do, I propose the Domestic!AU, kiss or cuddle fanart meme as I almost finished the last meme ([ profile] milenaa, I am almost done :D).

Comment with your favorite pairing (or threesome/moresome) and choose either "domestic!AU" (or domestic setting, but Domestic!AU is shorter), "kiss" or "cuddle" fanart. Example: Brendon and Ryan, domestic!AU*.

SGA, Bandom and Merlin are my current pleasures. Also, try not to repeat prompts i.e. of someone already asked for Domestic!AU John and Rodney, you can only ask for a "John and Rodney kiss" or "John and Rodney cuddle".

First 7 people to reply get art :D

Also, if I promised you fanart somewhere before, please remind me to get to it or ask for something new that I will most definitely deliver this time (you can comment even if I already have 7 previous requests).

*You can ask for a specific domestic setting like "curtain shopping" if you want.

Comment here, please.
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I am having a forgotten and new fanart meme at LJ.

Go and give me your prompts!
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I feel I am getting rusty from not drawing lately...

So it is time for a Fanart Meme! Give me your prompts!

Rules of the meme )

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This is something I made for my dear [ profile] achih, she was the first person to mention Merlin to me.

Merlin and Arthur are made of cute... very slashy cute.

Merlin and Arthur

Merlin helps Arthur dress, slightly slashy, but not slashier than the series itself, G )


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