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So some time ago [ profile] thisissirius and I got together to participate in the [ profile] artword Challenge 008: Alternate Universe.

The theme we chose was "Battlestar Atlantis" a crossover with the new Battlestar Galactica series. Unfortunately [ profile] thisissirius's laptop died a horrible death and we were unable to complete the fanfic part of the challenge. So, I present to you BSA screencaps, graphics and a couple of icons, link to the fanfic to be added upon completion:


Battlestar Atlantis - Teyla, John and Rodney (McShep) - VERY Picture Heavy )

Also, does amyone know why my theme isn't showing? The ccs seems fine, and I have not exeded my quota on the page hosting it. Seems to be fine now... weird.

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So this is me pimping the Auction for Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders.


In order to contribute to the cause, a pice of fanart(graphic or traditional) by me is being auctioned. Go look at the stuff, most of it is just awesome and there are a lot of fanish items to be bought, all for a good cause!
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[ profile] samdonne's fanfic Man, Interrupted ate my brain. It is incredibly good and compelled me to watch the movie/pilot, I had sitting on my shelf for many months. Even if you have never heard of Thoughtcrimes, it is worth reading.

Following that, I fell in love with Thoughtcrimes and its universe. I need more TC fic! And fanart! Where is the virtual season?

So I made some Thoughtcrimes graphics...

Thoughtcrimes Thoughtcrimes Thoughtcrimes Thoughtcrimes

Thoughtcrimes graphics, icons and fanfic covers - image heavy - gen )

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Ok, [ profile] trinityofone managed to push all my artistic buttons with her latest fanfic, X.

Written for the [ profile] sga_flashfic challenge 'Superpowers', the fanfic is a wonderfully well meshed X-men Movieverse SGA Fusion, that every self-respecting SGA and X-Men fan should go and read immediately.

That said, on with the art:

X-1 X-2

Wolverine!Rodney, Nightcrawler!Radek, and very emo!John )

EDIT: In case someone besides [ profile] in_the_bottle is having problems seeing these, here's an alternative to Photobucket:


Jul. 27th, 2006 09:00 pm
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I had forgotten to post these, I made them for [ profile] sga_artistic challenges. I think they're too big to be headers and too small to be wallpapers, so they're just random graphics (click for larger picture):

David Hewlet in Joe's Wedding - Gen )

John and Rodney - slash )

I won first prize at both... *is extremely proud*.

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For those of you who haven't read "Ardhanarishvara", it is a wonderful fanfic by [ profile] auburnnothenna and [ profile] monanotlisa, where an advanced alien civilization, in order to further enlighten their new business partners, had several members of Sheppard's team genderswitched.

Now this inspired a whole lot of fanart by me and other assorted people.

And now, since Mona's in the hospital and I'd like to make her feel a tiny bit better (if you want to make something for her, there is a community called [ profile] ficformona), I made these:


Ardhanarishvara Ardhanarishvara

ETA: I have added a second version of the manip and the graphic after I followed some of [ profile] icarusancalion's suggestions.

Graphic featuring female!John- PG13 )

Fanart female!John, female!Ronon, Rodney and that man in the bar- PG13 )
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This was made for Challenge 006 over at [ profile] artword in collaboration with [ profile] gzigner_boots.

Title: What Dreams May Come
Author: [ profile] gzigner_boots
Artist: [ profile] anna_luna
Spoilers: Home
Summary: A skewed perception of reality.

Page 01 Page 02


Jun. 3rd, 2006 11:10 pm
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So... I guess Im not very good at posting to communities, especially challenge ones, afterwards I always forget to post to my own journal *facepalm*.

Here are some graphics I've made for the [ profile] sga_artistic community:

For Challenge Three - Episodic: [Wallpaper][Icon] )

For Challenge Four - Women Of Atlantis: [Graphic] Atlantis Matriarchy )

For Challenge Five - Johnny Cash: [Wallpaper][Icon][Vector] Head in the Clouds )

Right now there are about 24 hours left for Challenge Six - Fairytale in case any of you wants to participate.
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This is in response to the [ profile] artword Challenge #5: Wooden Horse

I'm working together with [ profile] aesc at this. We agreed beforehand that we would work on John with a side of Rodney.

My first version of the graphic is this (click for larger image):

Wooden Plane 1

The fist thing that came to me was John with a wooden plane, and how he had given up on loving men because he wanted to fly. Basically I thought that John's darkness was self imposed. In the graphic I did all the John bits and waited for [ profile] aesc's glimpse in order to find out what kind of Rodney it would be.

After the glimpse she sent me, I came up with this(click for larger image):

Wooden Plane 2

After reading, I realized that for [ profile] aesc, John was outside and Rodney was the one sitting in the darkness. So I added Rodney in a torn picture and a line from the fanfic to give it a bit of context. Now I think the graphic has them *both* in angsty places.

The glimpse [ profile] aesc sent me is this.

and the glimpse I sent her is this:

Wooden Glimpse

[ profile] aesc's finished fanfic can be found here: A Moving Piece of Sun.
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So [ profile] trinityofone was having a really bad day, and asked for things to cheer her up...

Here's what I came up with:

The puddlejumpers )
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SG-1: Fanart Masterlist II: Traditional Art 01

Click on the thumbnail to see the post where the larger picure is located, scroll over to see a brief description.

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So in order to keep my fanart organized, I decided to make a Masterlist.

This is the first part of the Masterlist: Manips

SGA: Fanart Masterlist II: Traditional Art 1
SGA: Fanart Masterlist I: Manips 01

Click on the thumbnail to see the post where the larger picure is located, scroll over to see a brief description.

For 'X' by Trinityofone For 'X' by Trinityofone

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Here you will find thumbnails and links to Graphics and Manips I've made that are neither Stargate:Atlantis nor Doctor Who.
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Here you will find thumbnails and links to Graphics and Manips I've made that are neither Stargate:Atlantis nor Doctor Who.

Draco and Harry 'Fandom Migration' Slayers: Zel and Lina Firefly: River Supernatural: Christmas Dean and Sam


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