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I read a lot of fanfic in a lot of fandoms, but only few make it to my beloved, own the DVDs list. I was thinking about this today on my way home and noticed the following:

First SGA fic I read and loved and made me want to draw and manip (*horrible manips*) and read ten million more words of SGA!fic: A beautiful Lifetime Event by [ profile] astolat, where John and Rodney have a biological daughter and then fall in love.

First due South fic I ever read ( there was a crossover with SGA, okay?, and the original SGA fic also had kids in it): With 6 you get Eggroll by [ profile] cesperanza, where Ray and Fraser are in Ray's words "the Canadian Brady Bunch" and have *six* children.

And ok, I can't deny that I fell into bandom through fanart (I also blame [ profile] milenaa, [ profile] _kiden and [ profile] tardis80), the first Panic!fic I ever read: the Forever, Now series by [ profile] harriet_vane, where Gerard and Mikey are orphans, Brian adopts them, Frank is the tiny neighbor kid and Brendon is their *babysitter*. (Also, the fic that made me love Pete is a Mpreg!fic... *hides*).

Are you seeing the pattern???

And yesterday I read this adorable and wonderful Star Trek XI kid!fic where Spock and Kirk adopt a son, marry and fall in love... in that order.

And now I can't stop craving Star Trek XI!fic!

In conclusion: kid!fic = My kryptonite, I am helpless before it.

These are all some of my favorite stories and I always come back and read them, I hope you can enjoy them too!
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It has been two years since I made my very first SGA manip. This was my very first fanish involvement *ever*!

This year's statistics:


Total art pieces: 94

Total manips and graphics: 18

Total drawings and paintings: 76

The above were for the following fandoms:

SGA: 83 Links )

SG-1: 1 Links )

due South: 4 Links )

Doctor Who: 2 Links )

Thoughtcrimes: 4 Links )


I wrote exactly one fanfic this year: Rapunzel (SGA)

In conclusion

SGA is and remains my primary fandom. McShep is my predominant pairing with 61% of all SGA fanart and a 100% of my fic being about them :D.

2007 was a wonderful fanish year for me: I went to England for Pegasus 2 and had the opportunity to meet many wonderful fellow fans. I got to draw and manip and I like to think my technique has improved.

For the first time I wrote a fic and that makes me incredibly happy as writing is something I want to learn how to do properly and continue doing in the future.

I hope 2008 will bring me the same happiness 2007 did.

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The answers to this drawing offer are coming slower than I anticipated...

This one is for [ profile] prudentia, who sent me my very first Due South DVD and is made of awesome. She wanted "Due South! RayK, Ben and Dief in the snow". Sadly, Dief didn't make it into the picture.

RayK and Ben's Snowboarding Holiday

RayK and Ben's Snowboarding Holiday (Honeymoon?), PG-13 )

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:D I have some more fanart for the drawings people requested that are taking me way too much time to get done.

This one is for [ profile] silver_cyanne. She wanted "How about Ray [V.] looking at Benny after he's tasted something disgusting in the line of duty again."

I made her this:

Oh, Benny!

Ben and RayV, totally Gen )

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So in the last few months I acquired a new fandom: due South!

It feels like I'm swimming the fandom waters upstream as most people that are now in Stargate Atlantis were in DS first!

These two pieces of fanart are for [ profile] cesperanza's story With Six You Get Eggroll, because she gave me this new fandom (and the surrounding fandoms... Slings and Arrows OMG!) like a gift! Thanks!

Zebra Cuddle

RayK and RayK/Ben - Pretty Gen, PG-13 for slash )

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Hey! I finished my thesis! And, if I say so myself, it was *fantastic*!

Anna: *explains her software*
Anna: Do you have any questions?
Examiner number 1: Not really.
Examiner number 2: No.
Examiner number 3: I like it... no questions.

So it was basically a really short thesis defense... and I got the highest possible grade! *SQUEES*

And (even though my mother volunteered me to play Kindergarten teacher *in German* to children the next 3 weeks...) I'M FREE!

I have created a mirror for this journal at This is mostly because I'm a bit paranoid and don't have a webpage besides LJ. Feel free to friend me or comment on either.

And if you want me to draw something for you... )

ETA: Requests made:

There are still 1 SGA requests to be made for fanart with a pairing other than McShep! C'on! There is Rodney/Ronon or Teyla/Sora... hell *Rodney*/Sora! Rodney/Teyla! ALL TAKEN! :D

McShep: [ profile] newkidfan, [ profile] the4ts, [ profile] dogeared, [ profile] gweneiriol, [ profile] jrprongs, [ profile] sonadorita (ALL TAKEN)
Other: [ profile] beaniesheppard, [ profile] aurora_84, [ profile] looking4tarzan, [ profile] fleurrochard

Doctor Who: [ profile] trinityofone, [ profile] zabbers, [ profile] 20thcenturyvole (ALL TAKEN)

Due south: [ profile] silver_cyanne, [ profile] prudentia (ALL TAKEN)

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So, I have seen a total of 4 episodes... 2 while I was in England and 2 that found their way into my possession. And I loved them and want to see more (and have been shamelessly indulging in fanfiction).

I know many of you came over/are part of the DS fandom, you know you want me to get hooked on the series, that means I'll start making DS fanart, graphics and icons!


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