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I work together with [ profile] sathinks for this [ profile] artword challenge. She wrote the beautiful fic, I made the fanart.


Heliocentrisis - Gen
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Over at [ profile] artword we're having Challenge 7: Point of View.

I worked together with [ profile] miss_porcupine and she wrote a story called Matter, Form, and Privation featuring the different POV's of John and OC!Ailinthe, to which I did two different covers:

John Ailinthe

Cover 1: John )

Cover 2: Ailinthe )

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This was made for Challenge 006 over at [ profile] artword in collaboration with [ profile] gzigner_boots.

Title: What Dreams May Come
Author: [ profile] gzigner_boots
Artist: [ profile] anna_luna
Spoilers: Home
Summary: A skewed perception of reality.

Page 01 Page 02
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This is in response to the [ profile] artword Challenge #5: Wooden Horse

I'm working together with [ profile] aesc at this. We agreed beforehand that we would work on John with a side of Rodney.

My first version of the graphic is this (click for larger image):

Wooden Plane 1

The fist thing that came to me was John with a wooden plane, and how he had given up on loving men because he wanted to fly. Basically I thought that John's darkness was self imposed. In the graphic I did all the John bits and waited for [ profile] aesc's glimpse in order to find out what kind of Rodney it would be.

After the glimpse she sent me, I came up with this(click for larger image):

Wooden Plane 2

After reading, I realized that for [ profile] aesc, John was outside and Rodney was the one sitting in the darkness. So I added Rodney in a torn picture and a line from the fanfic to give it a bit of context. Now I think the graphic has them *both* in angsty places.

The glimpse [ profile] aesc sent me is this.

and the glimpse I sent her is this:

Wooden Glimpse

[ profile] aesc's finished fanfic can be found here: A Moving Piece of Sun.


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