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I made some tiny fanart! Really tiny, none of the pictures bellow is more than 10cm on the side.

I'm working through my personal backlog of memes and trades... actually the first two are still from last year's Valentine's Day Trade Game.

For [ profile] clear_as_blood who wanted a cute moment like the two of them cuddling and reading a book or newspaper - McShep G-rated )

For [ profile] perfica who wanted something from the fic she wrote me John and Rodney whisper in bed - McShep G-rated )

Also I finished two from the The Drawing Meme.

For [ profile] villainny who wanted John babysitting for someone and not getting on too well, and Rodney finding that hilarious - Gen )

For [ profile] telesilla who wanted Steampunk/Edwardian era John and Rodney sitting on the grass talking - McShep G-rated )


John and Rodney sleep John and Rodney whisper in bed John and Baby John and Rodney on the grass

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I finally finished my Valentine's Day Trade for [ profile] fleurrochard. She traded me a wonderful song and I wanted to make something a bit different for her... And then this idea took over my brain and I've been working on it for weeks.

[ profile] fleurrochard said she wanted "something about Rodney and music"... so I present to you: Rodney's Life:

Rodney's Life Rodney's Life Rodney's Life Rodney's Life

Medium: Cut paper (inspired by Robert Ryan and my 6th grade art teacher who we used to do stuff like this with)

Rodney's Life, Gen, Papercuts and a sort of story )

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I'm back!

So the modem problem went like this: I knew it was broken, but the person from tech support had me called by three different people untill they agreed and let me buy a new one... only they didn't have any on stock because they're imported and Venezuela has restrictions on importing stuff. And then a friend lent me one, which was *also* broken, and then my aunt who works at the internet company got me one claiming it was for her, but that one didn't work either because apparently my *phone line* was also broken... I'm a clasic example of Murphy's law.

On the plus side: Yay! I have Internet again!

And I'm still working on my Valentine's day trades:

TMC ms

"This Mortal Coil" Missing Scene, McShep, PG-13
for [ profile] sandrainthesun

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I *love* my Valentine's Day Trade Game. (I'll accept trades until thursday, you can also just tell me you want to trade with me before the deadline and finish the actual trade later)

Since the last report, I have received:

"Der Mond ist aufgegangen" by Matthias Claudius sung and recorded by [ profile] fleurrochard

A graphic of John and Rodney by [ profile] sandrainthesun

An adorable Mcshep ficlet by [ profile] gblvr

An origami flower that looks much better than mine and a really nice Mcshep Trio Tag by [ profile] clear_as_blood

A whole Mschep fic: The Old Familiar Sting by [ profile] perfica

And a compliment by [ profile] dogeared

I fell *rich*!

I finished another one of the trade requests (I trying to work my way from the top down, as fast as I can, but there is many of you and only one of me :P ). This one is for [ profile] sheafrotherdon's fic This.


Sleeping, McShep, PG-13

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I made another piece for the Anna Luna Valentine's Day TRADE GAME (I'm still accepting trades :P ).

This is an advanced payment piece for [ profile] tardis80. The prompt was "John and Rodney encounter alien wildlife". I'm shamelessly abusing my new watercolor paper.

John and Rodney watching the Migration of the Fire Ostriches

Alien Ostriches

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So far the game The Anna Luna Valentine's Day TRADE GAME is going wonderfully!

I've gotten: 3 icons, a compliment and hugs and kisses and have been promised a song and an episode tag.

I on the other hand have traded a Sam&Dean!Kiss icon for [ profile] bathsweaver, a compliment for [ profile] synecdochic and this awesome John and Rodney Water color (preview bellow, Slash, PG-13) for [ profile] xenachan.

John and Rodney hug

The game will be open for a whole week! Come and play!

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I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to make origami roses with my brother for his girlfriend. (With mixed results. We finally came to the conclusion that that guy isn't an origami artist, but rather a magician... that rose comes from *nowhere*! We made three amorphous cubes that I should have photographed...)

Since I don't have a significant other at the moment and I'm not one of those persons who hate Valentine's day and I *love* to both give and get stuff, I propose:


THE RULES (subject to be added upon and modified because I'm making this up as I go along):

1. This is a trade game: the idea is to exchange things. You can play whether you're single or attached, I want as many people playing as possible.

2. I will trade you like for like. If you send me a picture, I will send you a picture, if you make me fanart, I will make you fanart, if you send me a kiss, I will send you one back... etc...
*The only exceptions are written things (since I can't write) so, if you write me a drabble, I'll make you a doodle or an icon, if you write me a fic/ficlet I will make you a proper piece of fanart.

The rest of the rules )

In short: Play with meeeeeeeeeee...

Feel free to link here or make your own Trade Game.

I will be continuing all abandoned projects and memes after this.

EDIT3: I'm not taking any more trades but will work hard to finish the ones I promised. Also, if you said you'd do something for me, take as long as you need, I'll take it when you have it :)


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