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Now for something completely different, I just enjoyed some amazing tofu and I thought I might share this easy recipe with you guys.

-A bowl of tofu cut in rectangles (about 2cmx2cmx1cm). I like rectangles because it means I can cut it inside the box it comes in (I don't know how tofu is sold anywhere else, so use your own discretion)
-1 table spoon of dijon mustard (I like the one with the seeds, but the one without should be fine too)
-1 table spoon of curry powder
-about 1/5 cup of soy sauce
-peper (as much as you like, I only put a little bit)

Mix everything except the tofu.
Put the tofu in a frying pan and pour the liquid on top. Wash out any remaining curry or mustard with a bit of water and pour too.
Let it marinate while you take a shower (shower is optional, about 10-15 minutes should be ok)
Cook on the low fire until almost all the liquid is gone, turn carefully with a spatula every now and then so the tofu is evenly covered in the sauce. Personally, I like to cook it until the tofu is a bit crispy, but you can stop while there is still liquid for a softer taste.

Let it cool down for a bit and enjoy!

An alternative to mustard is to use another kind of spice. My friend used to put 'death spice' in hers (actually we don't even know what the 'death spice' was, it was just this spicy yellow powder that another friend's sister brought back form Yemen and someone drew a scull and cross-bones on the lid).

What is your favorite way to eat tofu? As a person who loves meat but shouldn't eat it because of allergies, I am always looking for new ways to enjoy tofu.
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