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Thanks to [personal profile] tarlanx, I rediscovered my fandom stocking today. (She tagged me when she posted it to the AO3 and I saw the notification).

I had totally forgotten about it and now there it is, full of fanish goodness just for me!

(Slight Trigger Warning for medical information bellow, but nothing too graphic)

I was rather sick in December-February, because my gallbladder decided to grow stones (I MADE STONES) and because I was a PhD Candidate in my last year, I kept getting misdiagnosed as having too much stress.

For those who don't know, I was living in Japan at the time and while I speak Japanese, medical Japanese was quite difficult for me, adding an extra layer of stress (I have never been as nervous as when I was trying to understand what operation they were actually going to perform on me in a foreign language).

Anyway, long story short, I was finally diagnosed, admitted to the hospital, hooked to an IV and did not eat anything for 3 days, then they gave me pass to get out of the hospital for 3 hours (with IV) to do my PhD defense (which I passed, the professors were rather intimidated by the IV, though), and came back to the hospital in the evening to have the operation to remove my gallbladder. ALL IN ONE DAY! YAY!

Now I am Dr. Luna, but I would not recommend having defense+surgery in one day.

Anyway, following [personal profile] cesperanza's example, I am trying to come back to LJ/DW, because Tumblr just doesn't carry the same sense of community, as she said, it feels like "fannish TV".

I am off to look at my stocking now! Thank you so much for all who sent something and sorry for the late reply.
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